History of club

Football club "Helios" was created December 1, 2002 at the initiative of the Kharkiv businessman Alexander Gelshteyna. The first competition, which was attended by a young team, "sun", was the tournament HAI graduates, held in January 2003 in the arena of the Kharkiv Aerospace University. The initiative has turned out excellent - the third place.
In the spring of that year, "Helios" took a start in the championship of Kharkov region among major league teams. The debut of the official tournament club crowned newcomer minimum 2-1 victory over the solonitsevskim "Energy." This historic match for the team held April 26, 2003. And after four days 'sun' came out on all-Ukrainian "orbit" - had their debut match in the group stage of the championship teams of Ukraine among physical culture and sports clubs. What's in the regional tournament in amateur national championship "solar" immediately showed to his claim to leadership roles. For example, in Kharkov region championship after 15 rounds of the team confidently took first place with 40 points in the asset (13 wins, one draw and one defeat, 45-12 balls), and in the Ukrainian national amateur championship - won their group (eight games: six wins, one draw and one defeat; balls 15-3). These results of the "Helios" unequivocally confirmed the seriousness of their intentions to enter the professional level.
Desire, in conjunction with the desire for maximum results, do not split the case. August 2, 2003, refusing to participate in the championship of Kharkov region and the national amateur tournament, "Helios" began performances in the championship of Ukraine among the teams in the second league team. Debut on the professional level, "solar" passed with flying colors, finishing up in sixth place.
In the summer of 2004, before the beginning of the second story in the "flight" to the pro-orbit, it became clear that the "sun" are going to storm the highest peak - the first place, which will give the team the right to go up in class. It is for this purpose the coaching staff took the bridge master of sport of the Soviet Union, honored coach of Ukraine Igor Nadein. The invitation of one of the elders' home coaching workshop itself fully justified: once in three rounds before the end pervenstva-2004/2005 "Helios" early secured a victory in Group B along with it - the first league start in the national championship.
A new level of team presented new demands. At the trial of "solar" went under the leadership of Vladimir Shekhovtsova that at the end of last season, took over coaching the team bench Nadein. Alas, the debut of the second-ranking division did not come out good. As a result, after eight rounds of the tournament followed by a coaching change: instead of Shekhovtsova team as acting head coach took Rostislav Lysenko. Under his 'Helios' intermission gave up a winter series of ten meetings with only one defeat. As a result, the spring season of Lysenko, the prefix "u. about. "lost. However, in the spring of the case the team would not go as we would like (there was a series of six defeats in a row), and the final meeting of the championship is held under the leadership of ex-player team Konstantin Pakhomov, and eventually took 12th place with 18 teams member. Temporarily mount the bridge on the coaching staff of the chair Pakhomov had second head coach of the club team, "Helios," that came to light during the winter 2004/2005,., And immediately became a full member of the primacy of the Kharkiv region of major league teams.
July 1, 2006, anticipating the short summer season, club president Alexander Gelshteyn introduced new head coach of the team - Alexander Sevidova, a record that had a "bronze" Championship of Ukraine, Donetsk won a "Metallurg" (sezon-2002/2003). The arrival of a young and ambitious coach a favorable effect on speech, "Helios" in the first league. Having proved himself a storm of this authority, "the sun" settled in the final table of the season on a high seventh position. Unfortunately, the success of the team and his coach did not go unnoticed: Sevidov went on increasing in the coaching hierarchy, adopting the suggestion of one of the leaders of the championship of Moldova - FC "Sheriff", whose leadership is dreaming of gold medals the national championship and a good speech on the European club scene.
Memory of the good performance of the team under the supervision of Igor Nadein, the leadership of "Helios" re-invited him to the coaching bench. Alas, the two enter into the same river he could not. Not grabbing the stars from the sky in the teams first league tournament, "solar" flashed a yield of 1/16 finals of the Cup of the country. The first round pervenstva-2007/2008 they have completed for myself in an unfamiliar 14th position. However, the finish of the season autumn segment, crossed without the Nadeina and Vladimir Shekhovtsov who temporarily took over the reins of the team.
Perhaps the only bright spot in the life of FC "Helios," the second half of 2007 was the opening of children's football academy. Receive football education on a completely free of charge, it may be children between the ages of 5 years. Classes are held on the programs of leading football nations - Spain, Holland, Italy, England, Germany, etc. In addition, for the overall development of kids in the training process includes classes in gymnastics, acrobatics, athletics and swimming.
At the start of the second round pervenstva-2007/2008 "Helios" came under the leadership of the eighth head coach in history - Yuri Pogrebnyak, who headed the team in December 2007. Coaching reshuffle in the team standings, alas, is not favorably affected - to finish the season "solar" got a 14-mi, what they were after the first round of the tournament.
In the championship of Ukraine sezona-2008/2009 "solar" entered into a modified structure significantly. So, it was decided not to extend further cooperation with such experienced players as Valentine Gorkun, Bessalov Artem, Sergei Sizihin, Basil Plehtyak, Arthur and Vyacheslav Yakushev Zapoyaska. Retired former captain of the team Andrew Anishchenko. Playing many of them embodied the "Helios" in recent years. In place of the departed came to a large group of newcomers, mostly young children. Not all of them, as it turned out in consequence, have justified their trust. As a result, starting the championship, in general, for health, "red-black" finished his first part in more than minor note - a series of eight meetings, with no wins (two draws and six defeats, goal difference 7-12). These disappointing results led the team following the fall of the tournament accommodate only 15 positions. Behind the "Helios" in the winter just gone Ivano-Frankivsk "Carpathian" yes "Energetic" from Burshtyn.
In the spring of "red-blacks" continued their march disappointing the tournament championship. As a consequence, after the defeat of the PFC "Alexandria", "Volyn" and "Krymteplitsa" on the coaching staff the bridge followed by castling - Pogrebnyak, citing health problems, to vacate the post, and the reins of leadership team on a temporary basis Shekhovtsova moved to Vladimir. In the status and. a. head coach of the new-old helmsman, "Helios" stayed two games, after which the team was headed by her former captain Sergei Kandaurov. Under his "solar" sezon-2008/2009 completed by 15 positions.
In anticipation of pervenstva-2009/2010 "red-black" significantly upgraded structure. Freestyle was given to all performers who have not seen a game in a manner that the team planted Kandaurov. Thus, the path of "Helios" went to Sergey Gribanov, Sergey Ilyin, Taras Kiktevym, Andrew Koval, Vasyl Lavrinkom, Vadim Kotov, Igor Leonov, Maxim Leshchenko Roman Ramazanov, Sergei Rostov, Yuri Tkachev, Alexander and Alexander Yanchenko Yarmolich. Replenishment is made Borzenko Sergey and Vitaly Sumtsov, Oleg Shatilo, which, however, joined the team yet in the end of last season, goalie Andrew Skrypnyk, Vyacheslav Gadi, Yuri Fomenko Poltavets novel, as well as Sergei Kolesnik and Alexander Zabara. What castling, and perturbations in the fully justified, witnessed fall of the championship. Having given it to run a series of eleven games unbeaten (six wins, five draws), the winter holidays, "Helios" and departed, taking third place in the standings.
Unfortunately, to stay on to take the heights of the championship in the spring, "sunny" failed. Having only four wins in 18 matches played, they slipped from the "prize three" in the middle of the peloton and finished in tenth position. A nightmare in the lives of the team has a series of nine consecutive losing meetings (eight games have been lost "to zero"), which took place from mid-April to early June.
During the summer off-season, the 2010 "Helios" there was an understandable (if we start from the final position of the previous championship teams), the rotation of personnel. In the group joined a group of new artists, led by highly experienced Andrei Platonov Demchenko and Valentin (along with them came Yuri Bulychev, Basil Shegda, Dmitry Belov, Alexander Akimenko, Vladimir Chernikov, Sergey and Anton Nazaruk Izvekov taken on lease from PFC "Sevastopol") . Perturbation series and seemed to gain positive results of the command is not affected. As a result, after ten rounds (three wins, two draws and five defeats, balls 9-15) left the team head coach Sergei Kandaurov. After him the reins of leadership of the "red-black" took one of his assistants - Vladimir Shekhovtsov. However, the commander in chief has worked (albeit with the prefix "acting"), it is not long - after two matches under his belt ("Zirka" - 3:1, "Steel" - 0:1), the team introduced a new teacher, to whom was 62-year-old Roman Pokora. All he could do in the remaining eight games of the fall of pervenstva-2010/2011, so this win with the team two wins with three draws. As a result, zimu-2010/2011 "Helios" held at the thirteenth spot in the league.