Football club "Helios" is pleased to offer you any form of cooperation, which, no doubt, will be mutually beneficial and rewarding, as well as long-term.

It is, perhaps, once mentioned that the format of partnerships and methods of exposure will be the subject of a separate non-public discussions and approvals.

FC "Helios" is proud to offer various options for sponsorship packages:

General Sponsorship
Official sponsorship
The title sponsorship
Terms of sponsorship
Medical Sponsorship

In the implementation of the sponsorship agreements may be involved in different areas / sites at the home stadium of the club - "Helios-Arena", a form of play of all teams of the club and children's academy in the area of ​​printed material, which produces a regular club, and the official web site.

How not to notice that the football club "Helios" from its inception, is developing very rapidly and successfully. Eloquently than any words spoken about the bare facts of the history of the club, which took its origin, we recall, in December 2002. Judge for yourself:

Spring 2003 - the start in the championship of the Kharkiv region, "Helios" parallel to the start and took the championship of Ukraine among the amateurs, the winner of one of the groups in the latter of which he was;

Summer 2003 - "Helios" was the championship of Ukraine among the participants of the second league teams;

January 2005 - the team created "Helios-2", which since its inception, is a permanent member of the Kharkiv region championships among teams of top regional leagues;

June 2005 - "Helios" was awarded the championship ahead of Ukraine in the second league and won the first league start in the domestic championship;

Summer 2007 - first team football club, "Helios" under the leadership of Alexander Sevidova finished in seventh place in the first league pervenstva-2006/2007. This is still the best result of the collective performance in the second rank of the domestic division;

September 2007 - at the football club "Helios" Children's Academy was created in which an absolutely free of charge, began his training about two hundred children;

June 2009 - Children's Academy club team, "Helios-98" was the bronze medalist championship of Kharkov among children born in 1997;

June 2009 - football team got a home stadium, which was named "Helios-Arena";

October 2009 - the number of children involved in the club's academy, has risen to 250, which was due to the increase in age groups. Now, in the children's academy "Helios", as before - on a completely free of charge, can engage children from 4 years;

November 2009 - the first team of FC "Helios" completed the fall portion of the championship of Ukraine sezona-2009/2010 in the first league in third position.

There is no doubt that in the short term track record of the club and its teams will be increased. We believe this is what happens when your direct participation.

Please send your suggestions for cooperation in any way convenient to you!

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